Legacy Headstones

Friday, April 27, 2012

Will the Funeral Monument You Have Chosen Fit?

It can be very easy to see a large funeral monument and think that it is the perfect way to mark the final resting place of a loved one that you have just laid to rest. But before you order such a large monument, you need to be sure that not only is it going to fit, but that the managers or caretakers of the cemetery will allow you to place such a large monument.

You May Have to Buy a Bigger Plot to Install a Funeral Monument

Because space tends to be a premium in most cemeteries and you generally only pay for just enough space for the grave and a standard headstone. You may find that the only way you can place a larger funeral monument is to pay for a bigger plot before your loved one is interred; otherwise you may have to be satisfied with a standard size tombstone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gravestones Have Changed Over the Years

Although we associate gravestones today with those we place at the head of a loved one's final resting place, they have not always been this way. The history of the gravestone dates as far back as Neanderthal man when they buried their dead in holes in the ground and then covered their bodies with stones to protect them from predators as the centuries passed many superstitious people continued this practice with the thought that these "gravestones" would keep the dead from rising.

Modern Gravestones Can Be Very Elaborate Affairs

Today's gravestones are far more elaborate affairs and include both single and double markers for couples who are buried side by side. We offer a complete range of memorial monuments for you to select from, all of which are hewn from natural granite and can be engraved with your choice of epitaph before they are delivered to you for installation on your loved one's grave.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tombstones Are How We Preserve the Past for Future Generations

Tombstones are how we preserve the past for the future generations or in more basic terms; we mark the graves of those who have passed on before us with a grave marker to help future generations find out where they came from. When you walk through the graveyard in your hometown, you can trace a large percentage of your family's history bases solely on the names and dates engraved in the gravestones.

We Have Been Crafting Tombstones for Over 80 Years

We have been crafting tombstones for over 80 years. Our headstones are cut from solid granite after which we engrave the deceased person's name and life information into the face for you. We can now laser etch this information into to the face of the tombstone creating a legacy that will last for many generations of your family and make it possible for future generations of your family to trace their history in much the same manner as you have already done.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Were Your Memorial Monuments Made?

As with most things you buy these days, you can buy memorial monuments that have been made in factories all over the world. The trouble is that the stone or materials used to make these imported headstones is not of the best quality. At this point, you have to ask yourself if this is really how you want to honor the memory of a loved one, by purchasing a gravestone made in China.

Our Memorial Monuments Are Proudly Quarried and Crafted in America

We still feel that Made in America is something that we should still be proud of and because of this you will find that all of the granite used in our memorial monuments and headstones is quarried right here is the USA in the same tradition as they were when our family owned company was first established almost one hundred years ago in 1920.

Monday, April 23, 2012

We Place Monuments Out of Respect

When a highly respected member of the family dies, it falls to the survivors to decide how they want to show their respect for them. Depending on how the surviving members of the person who has passed on truly feel about the deceased, you may find that one of our monuments is the perfect way to pay your final respects and let the rest of the world know how you feel.

We Offer a Large Selection of Custom Monuments for You to Choose From

You will find that we have a large selection of monuments for you to choose from that will serve as a perfect way for you to mark the passing of such an important member of your family. After you have chosen the right monument, we can engrave the epitaph and even laser etch any image you send us into the face of the monument to let others know how important this member of your family was to you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Choosing Grave Markers for Family Member Is Never Easy

The loss of a loved one is never easy, but death is a fact of live and is something we all learn to live with over time. One of the more difficult tasks that is left to the living is looking for grave markers that will be used to mark the final resting place of those who have gone before us. As much as this might be a difficult task, it is one that must be done.

We Have a Large Selection of Grave Markers

Trying to find the perfect headstone from a wide selection of grave markers can be very difficult with the loss still so fresh in your hear. In our online catalog, we offer you the opportunity to not only choose the right headstone for your loved one, but we can add any image you wish to have on the marker along with the epitaph of your choice with our etching process.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gravestones and Headstones Add the Finishing Touch

Although most of us are probably not willing to admit it, adding gravestones or headstones to the graves of our dearly departed are the only way to add a finishing touch to their final resting place. Even though the death of a loved one is a sad time in our lives, we want their grave to be a special place to visit, one where we can remember who they were and what they meant to us.

Adding Gravestones or Headstones Come In Many Shapes and Sizes

Adding beautiful gravestones or headstones to their graves, will not only make their burial site more attractive to anyone that comes to visit, but installing a grave marker that will serve to remind everyone of who lies buried there. We have a number of different choices in size, shape and color, to help you create a very special memorial that unique fits the person interred below and honors their memory for eternity.