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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grave Markers

Installing Grave Markers

Once your loved one has been interred and the headstone has arrived you may find that the cemetery has very specific requirements when it comes to installing grave markers. Very few of them will allow you to simply set the marker on the ground at the head of your loved one's final resting place. Not only is this likely to be unsightly, but over time it will not be safe, as the ground shifts the marker could easily fall over and hurt someone.

You will of course need to check with your particular cemetery, but you are likely to find that in order to install grave markers, most will require a poured cement foundation for it to rest on. The cemetery owners will do the work for you in most cases and charge you a fee to do so. All of the headstones we craft at Legacy Headstones are made to sit on a flat concrete foundation and to be secured in place.



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